• The scheme has the backing and support from the major agencies, authorities and organisations.
  • Paddock Wood businesses have this unique opportunity to take advantage of this grant funded scheme at such a very low cost.
  • For the scheme to work and be a success it will require a commitment. Already it has at least 10 very interested businesses.
  • Although businesses may believe this is not for them as business crime and anti social behaviour in Paddock Wood is very low, they may wish to consider the following :
    – What could it be without this system ?
    – The radio scheme is a very good way of making businesses and their staff
    feel safer and more secure, a direct line contact with the Police and
    business colleagues.
    – It’s not just there for reporting shop theft ! The radio is a good way of
    gathering intelligence and sharing with one another and with the Police.
    – It’s a scheme suitable for all types of businesses and organisations, from
    shops, banks, pubs & clubs, service stations to schools and leisure clubs.
    24 hours a day, 7 days a week – day and night coverage.
    – Evidence is suggesting that as other towns within the Paddock Wood
    catchment area become more active by introducing this type of system
    they will move the problems to outer areas.
    – Paddock Wood has a good reputation as a safe and secure place to live, shop
    and socialise. We surely would like to keep it that way ?
    – Compliancy is not an option. Being pro-active is !
    – The handsets are expected to have a range of 3-4 miles.
    – PWBA would urge businesses to become interested and make a commitment
    to the scheme. If after 12 months they have a view to opt out then so be it,
    but we think they will find those that did not sign up initially will be wishing
    they did.

Want to know more or say yes to joining? Why not just call in for a chat and a cuppa at the following location:-

143-145 Commercial Road
Paddock Wood
TN12 6DS.
Tel: 01892 835098 / 07968 520311

For more information about the scheme, please e-mail Paddock Wood Community Partnership.

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